Mia Cilliers
Director / Producer / Writer

Our resident urban plaasmeisie and master of the dark arts of parallel parking, continues to amaze us with her sense of direction both in the streets and on the screen. If she’s not attending the premiere of her film at the the Silwerskermfees, she is probably tweaking her cheese samoosa recipe inspired by one of the chefs she’s worked with in her reality TV career – don’t hold it against her. Not only has co-created the acclaimed webseries “The White Folks” but our SAFTA-winning director has worked on several short documentaries, three of which have premiered at local film festivals. While most of us completed our studies in one country, Mia decided to complicate things and complete hers in three: Cape Town, Berlin and Los Angeles, making her almost as well travelled as Jackie. She has started pottery classes recently, but that doesn’t make her (or her wonky ashtrays) any less epic!

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